YouTube surpasses Twitch as the streaming platform with the most hours watched worldwide

Like streaming platforms like Netflix HBO Max, Disney +, among others that are disputing the attention of a public more diverse with its contentsthe applications of live streams they also seek to increase the time that users consume their content

However, unlike the platforms of films and series, those that are based on the diffusion of transmissions of content creators They have two leaders in the market that are far superior in consumption statistics in relation to the rest: Youtube Y twitch are the most popular in this market worldwide.

According to the statistics platform of streamingStreams Charts, both YouTube and twitch exceed one billion hours of viewing, while the rest of the applications, among which are the well-known Facebook GamingTrovo, Nonolive, among others, are located in the million category and in very few cases the statistics show an improvement in their performance, at least in the last three months of the year. 2022.

Statistics of the accumulated viewing hours of streaming applications. (Stream Charts)

Statistics of the accumulated viewing hours of streaming applications. (Stream Charts)

The Web page indicated that one of the factors that helped the growth of statistics in the section of Youtube that is not dedicated to games was the development of the world Cup of FIFA in Qatar, at least during the month of December, which was the period in which the tournament was held.

According to published statistics, broadcasts dedicated solely to gaming on YouTube only represent 15% of the total content offered by the platform, which reached approximately 8.150 billion hours of viewing, which implies a growth of 3.48% compared to the months of July, August and September 2022.

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On the other hand, it can be seen that the main content of twitch is dedicated to video games just like the content creators on the platform. According to Streams Charts, the 80% of the viewing hours presented by the application were dedicated to gaming and helped to rank it as the second in the preference of the public with 5.273 trillion hours of reproduction accumulated during the months of October, November and December. Despite the statistics, there was a setback of 6.32% compared to previous months on the platform.

Statistics of the hours of viewing accumulated on YouTube in the final months of 2022. (Streams Charts)

Statistics of the hours of viewing accumulated on YouTube in the final months of 2022. (Streams Charts)

In the analysis by month, it can be seen that YouTube had its most productive month in terms of contents of streaming in the month of October, when he accumulated more than 3.081 trillion hours of reproduction, a figure that was reduced the following month (2,443 billion hours) and although an increase was generated in the last month of 2022 (2,627 billion hours), this was not enough to return to the same performance.

In addition, it can be verified that in the content categories the gaming occupies the third position of preferences, below others such as Entertainment and News, but surpassing those of Blogs and Music.

On the other hand, the number of viewing hours of twitch presented a downward trend during the months of October (1.858 billion hours), November (1.733 billion hours) and December (1.682 billion hours) with an approximate loss of 100 billion for each month of 2022.

Regarding the content categories within the platform, since the vast majority of the creators’ offer is related to the gamingwithin the top 5 themes, Just chatting (just talking) ranks first, followed by four video game titles like League of Legends in second place, Grand Theft Auto VOverwatch 2 and Valorant.