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YouTube Shorts rips TikTok back with a new feature for creators

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The YouTube company does not stop taking steps to improve its short videos, called shorts. And these advancements are here both for users to enjoy and for creators to have more options to showcase their work. Well, the platform has announced the arrival of a new option that is quite interesting… but it is not exactly new. The reason that exists to say that it is not something that is new among the platforms that offer short videos, is that the function in question already exists in at least one of the most important ones that exist today: TikTok. This one, which is being used more and more and is a complete success, is dragging the others to have some of its options integrated into them so as not to lose users. And this seems to be the case. The new thing that is offered in YouTube Shorts Well, what the company itself has communicated is that it introduces a tool that allows you to add voiceovers to the videos in the videos that are created. This enables creators to improve the experience of augmenting what is communicated, especially if there is something to know that is not made clear in the recordings being shared. A success, no doubt, because the possibilities are increased when it comes to generating much more complete Shorts. At the moment, this option will only be available in the iOS application, but in a very short time the Android app (and the web version) will have the aforementioned new functionality. In addition, it has been commented that the experience of including the voiceovers will be very positive, since in just a few clicks the process can be completed completely. That is, you do not have to spend a lot of time to achieve it. And this is something that creators always appreciate. TikTok has become the reference The different movements that have been taking place in services such as YouTube or Instagram, which do not stop including options that existed before in TikTok, is something that makes two things clear: the first is that the latter is right now the benchmark when it comes to short videos (and it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon). The other issue has to do with the defensive position that the rest of the companies are taking, when perhaps the best option is to create their own path to differentiate themselves – which is exactly what TikTok did at the time. Of course, we must recognize that YouTube is trying to be a more interesting option for creators, both for the options it offers and for the monetization it allows for videos. And, here, you do have options against the competition because other platforms offer lower income. Therefore, a migration in search of earning more money can take place in a short time. >

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