YouTube Shorts now allows more time to use licensed music tracks


YouTube continues to try to get short video creators to switch from TikTok to creating videos for YouTube Shorts. The latest in this regard is the extension of the use time of licensed music themes that they can use in their creations.

In this regard, In general, they will be able to start using thirty to sixty seconds of licensed music in their creations, depending on each track, when the previous limit was a maximum of fifteen seconds, although there will be musical themes that will continue to be a maximum of fifteen seconds for reasons of agreements. license.

The creators will know about these new time limitations since they will be reflected in the tracks of musical themes that they will find in the theme selector. Deployment starts now for reach all Shorts creators on Android and iOS over the next few weeks.

It should not be forgotten that music theme licenses have been a headache for many creators since users began to have the ability to create and upload their videos to the Internet, seeing how some of their videos have been harmed by including fragments of copyrighted music, even casually.

This has even served as a weapon used by some to prevent users from posting videos on the Internet, playing licensed music tracks so that the algorithms cancel the sound or directly remove the videos automatically.

YouTube knows that it needs to call creators’ attention so that Shorts, its alternative to TikTok, grows in content so that other users can spend more time, and with it, obtain more advertising revenue.

And it seems that it is succeeding, especially with the new income scheme recently launched.

TikTok is a platform that, given its irruption in the social media market, has not left anyone indifferent, threatening the hegemonic position that older platforms had been enjoying for years.

With this latest movement we will see if the creators take Shorts more into account, and even if TikTok will take a retention measure for those who are tempted by the new YouTube Shorts.

Image Credit: YouTube

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