YouTube Shorts increase the length of music

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Over the next few weeks, YouTube Shorts video creators will be able to see how the options that allow them to add music or sound to their videos are expanding, with the novelty that the duration of said sound complement is increasing.

Music and sounds added to Shorts go from 15 to 60 seconds

YouTube acknowledges that it had received many complaints in this regard, since until now the music of the sounds that could be added to a video in the Shorts had a maximum duration limited to only 15 seconds. From now on that duration extends to 60 seconds.

The change has been possible thanks to a revision in the agreements that license the music and sounds that can be incorporated into this type of short-term content. Nevertheless in some cases you can find a limitation of the duration to 30 seconds due to restrictions related to the agreements that YouTube maintains with the record companies or with the owners of the intellectual rights over the sounds.

Other platforms, such as TikTok, negotiate with the owners of the rights to the songs, distributors or studios the conditions to be able to include this content on their platforms. Despite the fact that YouTube has not made any official statement in this regard, it has affirmed that most of the audio library will have a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

By increasing the duration of the music and sounds that can be incorporated into the Shorts, YouTube’s goal is to remain competitive against the great rivals, Instagram and TikTokin the midst of a transition period related to the duration of short video content, the ones that obtain the most viral reach.

The novelty will be incorporated gradually over the next few weeks in the YouTube applications for iOS and Android. To access these longer sound tracks, content creators will only need to press the “+” icon that allows access to the Shorts and select the desired track. It informs about the duration. Before recording the content, if it is going to reach 60 seconds in length, the limitation on the duration of the video must be modified, since by default the Shorts last 15 seconds.

On the other hand, YouTube has started to test purchasing and affiliate marketing functions from within the Shorts themselves, which will allow both monetization and purchases from the Shorts themselves. Initially these options will only be available to a small group of users in the United States and it is expected that availability will be extended to other countries later, also extending this affiliate program to more users.

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