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YouTube returns the ‘PiP’ to Safari and all the videos you see on your iPhone

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With the arrival of iOS 14, iphones have acquired one of the most useful features that iPads had, the picture-in-picture (PiP) that It allows us to watch a video, a series or a movie in any corner of the operating system without having to stay in the original app. Thus, it is possible to respond to WhatsApp messages while Harry Potter launches an “Accio”, or read the latest news to the rhythm of a good music video.

And YouTube is one of the most viewed platforms on a daily basis on the entire planet, so many users who were going to use this PiP were left without the possibility of doing so after the North Americans’ decision to turn off the tap through Safari to free users. And the fact is that those of Mountain View have very well defined the advantages of being premium or not: audio in the background to continue listening to the videos even when we have the phone locked, PiP through the browser …

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So after slamming all free YouTube users with iOS 14 on their terminals, it seems that from Google they have thought better of it and have reconsidered so they have returned this functionality that does not alter those supposed premium benefits that they believed tainted. After all, the playback continues to stop when the terminal is blocked, whether we have a floating window on the operating system or not.

How to activate the window mode of a video?

The first thing you should do is go to the video that you want to continue watching in PiP mode, for example, while you read the messages that have been published on Twitter. Once you log in to YouTube through Safari, you just have to put it in full screen that content that you will continue to see when you click on the control that appears at the bottom right.

View YouTube videos in windowed mode from Safari.

Once you have the video in full screen, you will not have to touch any buttons or anything. As if you were going to the home screen of the iPhone, you slide your finger from bottom to top at the bottom of the smartphone, so Safari will interpret that you want to exit the browser but keeping the video playback window. As you can see from the screenshot that you have just above, on the right, a window will appear that you can freely move around the four corners.

You just have to click on it and drag from one side to the other depending on the place where it bothers you the least. Later, if you want to stop watching the video, you can close the window or go back to the original Safari window to check its title, description, etc.

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