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YouTube removed a video in which the autonomous driving system of a Tesla was tested in front of a girl

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YouTube removed two videos from its platform that showed Tesla drivers using their own children to conduct vehicle safety tests.

The tests were meant to show that Tesla’s Autopilot and “full autonomous driving” (FSD) beta software, the automaker’s advanced driver assistance systems that have automated driving features but don’t allow cars to drive. driving alone, they would automatically detect pedestrians and children. , who are walking or standing in the road and avoid hitting them.

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Controversial Tesla safety test was removed from YouTube

The video, titled “Does Tesla Full-Self Driving Beta Really Run Over Kids?” was originally posted on the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel and involves Tesla owner and investor Tad Park testing Tesla’s FSD feature on his own children. During the video, Park drives a Tesla Model 3 towards one of his children standing in the street and then tries again with his other son crossing the street. The vehicle stops before reaching the children both times.

“I’ve tried FSD beta before, and I would trust my children’s lives with them,” Park says during the now-deleted video. “So I am very sure that it will detect my children, and I also have control of the wheel so I can brake at any time”Park told CNBC that the car never traveled faster than eight miles per hour. Y “He made sure the car recognized the child”.

As noted on its support page, YouTube has specific rules against content that “jeopardizes the emotional and physical well-being of minors” including “dangerous stunts, challenges, or pranks”which is why the platform decided to remove the clip.

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The idea of ​​testing the FSD system with real children arose after a advertising campaign show that Tesla vehicles apparently did not detect and collided with child-sized mannequins placed in front of the vehicle.

Tesla fans weren’t trusting this feature for security reasons, which kept the debate about it open. Whole Mars Catalog, a Twitter and YouTube channel dedicated to electric cars run by Tesla investor Omar Qazi, wanted to contradict this idea through a video, which can still be viewed at Twitter.

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