YouTube Music should get dedicated app for Apple TV and more devices soon

YouTube Music tests new layout with permanent miniplayer and dissatisfies users
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While YouTube Music gains improved support for Nest smart speakers, we now have indications that the app should gain dedicated versions for more operating systems. According to the Italian portal Android Tutto, YouTube Music should gain dedicated versions for more devices and operating systems.

We’re talking about Apple TV and smart watches from Garmin, as they still don’t have access to a dedicated version of YouTube Music, limiting users’ experience on the platform.

If Google really launches a dedicated version of YouTube Music for Apple TV, we can assume that the same could happen with Google TV, which only has the YouTube application with the music platform integrated into the video portal.

In addition, it is interesting to mention that YouTube Music still does not have a dedicated application for different systems such as the PlayStation, making its experience inferior to that of its competitors, which allow listening to music while performing other tasks.

So hopefully this will change in the future, with YouTube Music paying more attention to its service on other platforms to become a worthy opponent to Spotify, Deezer and others.

It is worth remembering that the company has shown interest in achieving this goal, launching several new features for the Android application such as support for synchronized lyrics, podcasts and much more.


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