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YouTube Music is more like Spotify with its latest update

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YouTube Music receives a new update that will allow users to get nostalgic with their favorite songs from the past.

With a new section and a Spotify-style design, YouTube Music will make it easy for you to find that music from your past that you would like to listen to again.

YouTube Music adds a new section to listen to your favorites from the past

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YouTube Music has received many updates this year. Most of them have been dedicated to improvements in the interface of some of its main sections so that users can discover new music. And now it is being updated to highlight another of the content that we like: our favorite songs.

Yes, now you will find a change in YouTube Music that will make it easier for you to listen to those songs that you liked in the past. So if you’re one of those who check the history or try to find your favorites from other years, it will help you to know the new section “Listen again”.

Continuing with a similar style to Spotify, YouTube Music shows you in this section the recommendations of songs that you would like to listen to again with a grid layout. While you’ll see a carousel, with some options, this layout can display up to 20 cards with song, album, and artist recommendations. To do this, you just have to click on “Show more”.

You should not come across songs that you do not like or that you have never heard, since only those that you have heard very often would be selected for this section. Of course, this will depend on how much you use the YouTube Music app, as it will be based on your playback history.

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So if you want to go back in time for a while, without having to manually search for songs or add them back to your library, you can take a look at this section. This YouTube Music update is now available both in its web version and in the app for iOS and Android.

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