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YouTube lets you control what your children see, how to do it

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YouTube Kids” is the exclusive content platform for children and therefore, it is the number 1 option when giving a cell phone to a minor, however, many parents do not know that there is a control parent named “supervised experience” that gives the power to control everything that is done on the mobile.

Also, this kind of supervision can be applied in app Youtube music, which is the paid service of the Google platform.

How to create a supervised experience on YouTube

Two important conditions are required: that the boy or girl have a personal account Youtube apart from that corresponding to their parents or guardians and that are linked to the personal account of at least one of them.

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Content Choices in YouTube Supervised Experiences. (Youtube)

Content Choices in YouTube Supervised Experiences. (Youtube)

To start a supervised experience in Youtube, parents must create a new account Google to be assigned to the minor 14 years (minimum age of use for South America).

Now these steps must be followed:

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– Login in Youtube with the personal account of the father or mother. It can be on any device, cell phone either pc.

– Press the profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen and look for the option Setting.

– Click on the option parental settings. Then you will have to select the profile of the minor that is already linked.

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– Parents will need to choose which app they want to manage: Youtube either YouTube Kids.

Because the minority encompasses a variety of stages in the growth of boys and girls, YouTube takes into consideration dividing the parental supervision in three options from which you must choose according to the age of the children and young people so that they can access content and functions suitable for them and also make it an entertaining experience.

Each category of content (music, news, blogs, education, video games, among others) will only show videos for certain audiences. The options are:

– Explore: Restricts most of the videos on the platform as their content is rated within the age range “for older than 9 years”. Children will not have access to the live broadcasts, although they will be able to see the Premieres.

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All YouTube content will be categorized within the age limits of Supervised Experiences. (Youtube)

All YouTube content will be categorized within the age limits of Supervised Experiences. (Youtube)

– Explore more: the content displayed is usually in the age range “for older than 13 years”, which will give access to more videos within the platform in addition to live broadcasts on allowed channels.

– Most YouTube content: includes almost all videos from YouTube, but it will stop showing those that are tagged by the system of the platform as only suitable for adults or who have age restriction.

With any of these options active, users will be able to have an age-appropriate experience and parents will have the advantage of being more attentive to the way their children consume content.

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