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YouTube launches “Give it a break” to fight misinformation

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YouTube has launched an initiative across Europe to fight against misinformation and the spread of harmful content, which is called “Give it a break.”

YouTube has removed 121,000 videos that violated its policies in the third quarter of 2022

In order for YouTube users themselves to be able to assess the content they consume, the initiative makes available a series of short clips with clues and tips for evaluating possible misinformation. With these tips it is intended that users can:

-Recognize the manipulation tactics used on the internet; for example, emotional language, the interested selection of data or the use of false sources of authority.

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-Evaluate the credibility of the supposed experts, if the allusions are recent or not, and the citations in different types of content.

-Promote responsible habits before sharing content, such as identifying the source, assessing the possible consequences and not getting carried away by the first impulse.

The new measure is launched after the latest data from the YouTube Transparency Report, corresponding to the third quarter of 2022, was released. The report highlights that the platform removed between July and September of this year more than 121,000 videos that violated its policies against misinformation.

The study determines that during this period more than 40,000 videos were removed in Spain for violations of YouTube’s “Community Standards”, while worldwide the figure rises to 5.6 million videos.

More than 94% of those videos were identified in the first instance by YouTube’s algorithms, not by people.

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