YouTube launches an ad-free player focused on education

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YouTube is beefing up its features aimed at content creators, especially those individuals and institutions focused on teaching, so it enhances its platform as the most suitable for hosting educational videos. This is a consolidation of previous developments, such as the one that recently added new metadata to educational videos on YouTube.

This player without advertising or recommendations can only be embedded in web pages or platforms with educational content

To this end, YouTube has just introduced a player that can be embedded in websites that removes all advertising and any links to external content, including recommendations of other videos. This allows viewers to focus on the educational video content itself without any distraction.

Its clear objective seems to be the online educational platforms of creators and institutions and for the moment it would be the only case in which the YouTube player lacks the interference of its algorithm.

The first platforms to have it are, precisely, educational platforms and companies specialized in this sector such as EDpuzzle, Google Classroom, Purdue University and Purdue Global. Content creators attached to this “YouTube without ads” program will be able to choose whether their content is shown for free or for a fee.

Along with this announcement, YouTube adds new tools specifically focused on creators of educational content, such as the making video lists (which may be free or paid). All these new functions will begin to be available at first only in the United States and South Korea in beta format, and it is expected that they will progressively appear in the final version and in more countries.

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Another of these tools, which would arrive next year, is the possibility of generating question and answer tests in the channels in a way that reinforces the educational vocation among the content creator community. It would be about simple quizzes online that will allow students to assess their progress.