YouTube launches a very crazy new way to recommend videos

chica sorprendida mirando movil.jpg
chica sorprendida mirando movil.jpg

A girl is surprised to see something on her mobile screen

In its desire to maintain the interest of users and always surprise them with something new, from YouTube they have launched a new way to recommend videos to you. We can tell you that it is one of the strangest, craziest and most curious ideas we have seen in a long time.

The YouTube app on both iOS and Android has a new method of creating video feed that will leave your mouth open. It is possible that you have not come across it, since, for it to appear, you have to scroll quite a bit. At that moment, when the tool thinks you are lost and you don’t see anything that interests you, it asks you a question.

Are you looking for something different?

That’s what YouTube is asking us as you can see in the screenshot below. And we are not going to say no, why are we going to fool ourselves. What it proposes is that we make a feed in which the videos will be selected taking into account a certain color.

Color system to create YouTube feed

And it gives us three options to choose from: red (which we would rather say is orange-yellow), blue or green. Just as the app says, the feed will be created based on color. And we can’t help be quite amazed, because something like this would never have occurred to us. Does it make any sense, does it work, or is it a waste of time? Let’s choose the Red Pill as if we were Neo, to see what happens (and how good it would be if the first video was from The Matrix).

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This is how our test went

First of all, we can tell you that, without being scientists, we don’t find much sense in this way of making a video feed. It is also not clear to us what it is the factor that YouTube values to make the selections. Do you look at the thumbnail of the videos or analyze the image itself to see what the predominant color is?

Are we facing an attempt to implement an idea like Android’s dynamic color system? Are we really going to have interest in using this system? In any case, I’ll share with you some screenshots and tell you, first, what videos I got with the Red option. The first is “Hamster Escapes an Amazing Real-Life Pet Maze.” I must say that the hamster is not red, but there is a background of lava that the rodent seems to be trying to pass over, so… that must be it.

Videos recommended by YouTube in the red feed

The second video is “LEGO, but everything has multiplied” and there it is: the protagonist has a red shirt and uses red bricks. The miniature perfectly sells us that it fits into the category of this color. Of course, the video doesn’t interest me much (neither does the one with the hamster). As the third video I get “Rainbow Friends in Among Us” and wow, I have never seen an Among Us video in my life. Of course, in the miniature they appear two people in red pajamas.

The following videos are along the same lines, including several about Cars toys, where the presence of Lightning McQueen denotes a lot of red color. There is also a Twice video clip where the girls dance inside a red flower. Good for YouTube!

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Now I’m going to choose Blue to see what happens and find out if it recommends a movie or something interesting. Surprise! The first video is another maze with another hamster. Either someone hacked my account and spent the day watching hamster scenes, or I just didn’t explain it to myself. The second video is also another from LEGO and the same doll appears, but I forgot to say that, although his shirt is red, his pants are blue. Hey for YouTube.

YouTube recommendations feed made with the color blue

I keep watching videos and I get “Dog’s reaction when I joke by putting him in the pool without water.” Poor animal. But the thumbnail shows the dog in the pool and all the tiles are blue, so one point for YouTube. Then I get another kpop video, but this time by (G)I-dle, because the group members are wearing turquoise blue wigs. But there YouTube does get it right, because hamsters and LEGO are not my preference, although I do like Korean music.

I could try the green color, but I have the feeling that I will have to face another “hamster tries to escape from the maze” video, so I will remain doubtful. The system, today, is difficult to know if it is well or poorly implemented. It is difficult to value something that, in reality, does not make sense. But in general, it can be said that watching YouTube trying to refine video recommendations with colors is something we had not seen coming.