YouTube launches a best practice guide for creating podcasts


YouTube is betting big on podcasts. Little by little, it has been giving more priority to podcasts and improving the experience it provides to users.

And now, it’s launching a how-to guide for “Podcasting on YouTube” that brings together a series of tips and guidelines creators should keep in mind to make their podcasts successful on the platform.

How to create and promote podcasts on YouTube

This free 67-page guide covers different facets of creating and publishing a podcast for YouTube.

Starting from the initial question “what is your goal when creating a podcast” to “what topics to cover with your content”, the first part of the guide details a series of guidelines for developing a content strategy and having a consistent publishing schedule.

It also offers suggestions on how to present the podcasts to the audience based on the purpose of the channel. And it has a whole section dedicated to the importance of titles and all the options that YouTube offers to capture the attention of the audience.

On the other hand, the guide also offers a quick explanation of the metrics that YouTube shows to analyze the reach of the content. Information that will be vital to understand how the audience evolves and how to create a community around podcasts.

And of course, you can not miss a section dedicated to strategies for the promotion of podcasts. The guide shows how the different types of YouTube videos can be used so as not to miss any opportunity to attract attention to new episodes.

And there’s a detailed section on the different types of podcasts and the different approaches creators can use to present content. There are many real examples throughout the guide so that users can understand the concepts that are detailed in the different sections.

As mentioned in 9to5google, you will find this free YouTube guide as a PDF file at this link.

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