YouTube joins Netflix, Disney and Apple: raises the price of its premium subscription

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806679370 237276878 1200x630.jpg

Google has announced a price increase for YouTube in more countries, and it could be the fate that awaits Spain in the coming months.

Last summer, Google already announced a slight price increase in YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, and the company would be extending this increase to other countries, although It seems that it is not yet Spain’s turn, which, for the moment, is left out of this announcement.

YouTube Premium is the paid subscription that, among other things, allows you to download content from the platform for offline viewing, play videos in the background and even enjoy the platform’s streaming music service. It even has a quality improvement that is not available for users who are outside of this modality, in addition to eliminating ads.

Currently, its price in Spain is 11.99 euros in its individual version and 17.99 for the family plan, which allows access to 5 other people, who must be family members and live at the same address. Some rules that do not allow sharing accounts with people outside the home.

After announcing this increase a few months ago in the United States, other countries are now following this trend. These are Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Poland and Turkey, so, Officially, these new prices have reached the European market.

The subscribers of the platform have learned of the news through an email that the company has sent them, warning that the new price will take effect for them in the next billing cyclealthough it will not arrive at the same time for all users.

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In Australia, the price increase, which was the first for the service, leaves it at a monthly subscription fee of 16.99 Australian dollars. The curious thing is that the company has announced that those people who are “paying the cheapest option” will have three months of margin before prices rise.

The company, according to 9to5Googleusually makes gradual changes in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and South America, so it is likely that soon you will be able to see how YouTube Premium prices also rise in Spain, where it currently costs 11.99 euros in its individual payment version.