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YouTube, it’s revolution with iOS 14: users sight the videos in 4K

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If you are used to using the official YouTube application on the iPhone and iPad, you will surely have noticed that it is not possible to select 4K resolution. However, everything suggests that iOS 14 is going to solve this “problem”.

In particular, according to what reported by GSMArena and Wccftech, users who are testing the Beta version of iOS 14, launched shortly after the presentation event of 22 June 2020, have seen the appearance of the option for setting up 4K videos on YouTube. This is an interesting novelty, as so far the iPhones stopped at a lower resolution.

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More precisely, fans have discovered the presence of the VP9 codec support Google proprietary, which allows you to play videos in 2160p or 4K. Right here was the hurdle related to the reproduction of content in this resolution on iPhone and iPad so far: in a compatibility problem at the codec level. In fact, to date the devices of the Cupertino company have used the AVC1 codec (h.264), which however has a limit: it only reaches up to 1080p / 60 fps.

Apple has been “reluctant” for some time regarding the adoption of Google’s proprietary codec, but in the end, it seems that the Cupertino club has “sold”. Do you think that on Mac you have to use a browser other than Safari to go beyond 1080p on YouTube? The same also happens with Apple tv.

In case you are wondering, yes: the next tvOS update should bring with it the possibility of viewing videos in 4K HDR on the streaming platform of the Mountain View giant. In short, everything suggests that Apple is a little “opening up”. On the other hand, the recent move to ARM-based chips for Macs seems to mark the beginning of a revolution for Tim Cook’s company.

Since we are on Apple theme, we advise you to consult our recap linked to the 2020 edition of the WWDC, where you can find a bit of all the news coming soon.

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