YouTube is testing a green, red and blue timeline. Nobody knows exactly what it is for

youtube is testing a green red and blue timeline nobody.webp.webp.webp
youtube is testing a green red and blue timeline nobody.webp.webp.webp

Although it may not seem like it, YouTube is a company that is testing new features every now and then. Many of these features may be so small that the user may not notice (such as preview windows having more or less rounded corners), but they are there and, from time to time, they apply changes.

If you have YouTube Premium, you can Try these new YouTube features before anyone else, but there is a new one that we don’t know what it is for and that, at least for now, doesn’t seem to make much sense. Is about a content filter by blue, red and green colors, and that’s what determines the color of the videos that appear on your YouTube home page. Or so it seems.

A colorful filter for your timeline

The timeline, or YouTube home page, is a vital interface. In it we must see in a very clear and simple way if a video catches our attention to click on it or not. This is achieved with a good headline and a good thumbnail, among other factors.

AND many of these recommendations depend directly on the famous YouTube algorithm. Now, soon they may also depend on the color we choose. And, as we read in 9to5Googlesome users are seeing an initial window when they enter YouTube so they can select which color, or rather color palette, they prefer.

It is a kind of RGB filter (‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘green’) which appears as follows and which, as we say, within each of the colors has many variants such as yellows, oranges or purples:

rgb filter youtube

Screenshots from 9to5Google

It is called “do you want something new?” and a description of “create a feed of color-based videos and enjoy exploring.” It seems that it is something very literal and, as you can see in the image that we leave below, it is possible that it is based on the thumbnail of the video to recommend it.

A video of Elmo on CNN, one that seems about politics and another of Marques Brownlee talking about Tesla Model 3 2024 It seems that they don’t have much more relationship than… color. Therefore, It is possible that it is a “random” filter so that we find content outside the topic that we consume the most and that, because of that, is the one that is predominantly displayed on our main YouTube page.

However, The company has not yet commented anything on the matter. about a function that does seem to have an impact on the type of thumbnails that are displayed in the timeline and that, in truth, would be much more useful in an application like YouTube Music. We’ll see what happens, but it is clearly a peculiar movement.

At the moment, it seems that it is not something that is available for all Premium users to try, so it seems like something that is far from reaching the final version of the application, but we will have to be attentive.

Cover photo | Alejandro Alcolea

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