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YouTube increases its bet on the Shorts: they will be everywhere

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Short videos have become highly demanded by users, and a clear example of what we are saying is the triumph of TikTok and the adjustments that other companies, such as Instagram or YouTube, are making in this regard. The latter has news regarding theirs called Shorts. And these are quite interesting. The truth is that the easy and uncomplicated consumption of short creations have turned them into striking options -since it has been proven that creators are capable of telling a lot in a very short time-. But, yes, the vast majority of things that are published in this way can be considered “use and throw away”. But what is certain is that they succeed. YouTube is going to improve its Shorts And this will be done in a curious way, since we are not talking about new options for creators (which have increased a lot since Shorts are a reality). What the company has in mind is to offer the possibility of accessing these in other of its services. An example is YouTube Music. Here, a shared playlist with what exists in the short videos begins to be displayed. Therefore, the idea is to expand them so that users can find them on all sides of the platform. And, this will cause the interest of those who publish to multiply exponentially. And what is the excuse that exists to do this? Well, something as simple as the fact that soundtracks are included in the videos, and this is sometimes desired by those who see the prayers. And, therefore, it makes sense to include these videos in Music… The truth is that it is taken with tweezers, but the fact is that the step has been taken. An additional improvement that is released This ties in with the aforementioned of getting the audio that is in the short YouTube videos. Until now, this was possible using a button at the bottom right of the screen (always from Music). But the truth is that it is rarely used, since not many know that it allows you to save what you are listening to. Therefore, a new button with the name Save will be integrated. This will create a list called Sounds of Shorts in which everything that has been interesting will be included. A good idea, no doubt. Even what you save in the list that we have mentioned, you can use it in the short videos that you create on YouTube, so we are talking about a two-way road. Therefore, integration will be very important and, surely, it saves more than one life by creating a Short with the aim of having many visits. By the way, the deployment of this option will be carried out gradually in all regions, but in a very short time it should be available globally. >

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