YouTube incorporates Aloud technology to revolutionize AI dubbing

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YouTube, the famous video platform, seeks to reinvent the way dubbing is done in its videos. For this, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, through the incorporation of the loudan AI-powered voice-over service stemming from Google’s incubator, the Area 120.

Aloud’s potential

loud is a company specialized in dubbing using artificial intelligence. Its operation is simple but ingenious. First, the tool transcribes the content of a video, which can later be reviewed and edited by the user. This transcript is then translated and dubbed.

YouTube is currently testing the tool with hundreds of creators. Although, in its initial phase, Aloud only supports English, Spanish and Portuguese, the company has plans to expand into more languages. In this way, the platform is opening up new possibilities for content creators who want to reach international audiences.

Future innovations in dubbing

But YouTube and Aloud don’t stop there. They are working on an exciting project: they want the translated audio tracks to sound more similar to the original creator’s voice and be better in sync with the movement of the lips in the video.

This would mean a true revolution in the field of dubbing, since it would allow a much more fluid and natural viewing experience for viewers who do not speak the original language of the video. These improvements, according to the company, are scheduled to be released in 2024.

The advancement of artificial intelligence technology in the field of dubbing opens new doors and possibilities for both content creators and viewers. By removing language barriers, content can reach a much broader and more diverse audience, which could have a profound impact on the way content is consumed and created on the YouTube platform.

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