YouTube improves its Ambient Mode, a kind of Ambilight that will make us think twice about zooming in on the videos

youtube improves its ambient mode a kind of ambilight that.webp.webp.webp
youtube improves its ambient mode a kind of ambilight that.webp.webp.webp

It may seem like YouTube never updates, but the truth is that Google adds a ton of features every so often and also has a testing program to give Premium users access to features even months before they are released. Additionally, YouTube has a beta version, which is where all the changes appear first.

And one of the latest changes in version 18.49 is the new and improved YouTube ambient mode. It is like an Ambilight that has been with us for a few months, but it was so subtle that it would most likely go unnoticed for many users. Now it is more obvious and can be great in some situations. We tell you what YouTube’s ambient mode is and how to disable it if you don’t like it.

A more obvious ambient mode, but which you can deactivate

The ambient mode arrived on YouTube a little over a year ago and the idea was that the black spaces that exist when we put a video in full screen (the sidebars, wow) or the surroundings of it when it is set to small with the screen vertically, show a somewhat richer effect to tire the eyes less and generate that kind of “peripheral lighting” such as the Philips Ambilight system.

Good, The effect was there and it wasn’t bad, but it was really very, very subtle. appearing with colors that were not very bright and, with the player minimized, with colors that expanded only in the upper part of the screen.

ese examples are of the player minimized when we are in portrait mode, but It is something that is also much more noticeable when the player is in full screen and it does not take up the entire panel because the format of the videos is not usually as long as that of our screens.

As you can see, the improvement is there and it can help us avoid zooming in trying to fill the entire screen with the horizontal video. In this way, we continue to have “content” on the sides and, by not zooming, we do not lose video information in the upper and lower area.

However, Don’t you like ambient mode? You can disable it. It’s as simple as going to the video settings in the upper right corner, clicking on ‘Additional settings’ and deactivating ambient mode.

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