YouTube hides a panel to control the videos: this is how the new listening controls are used

The YouTube mobile application finally includes a novelty that had already been anticipated: the listening controls. Thanks to a hidden panel in the settings, it is possible to customize YouTube playback with forward, backward, pause, skip ten seconds in video and more. At the moment for YouTube Premium users.

Watching videos on your mobile is one of the most common tasks, especially through the YouTube app. Because what cannot be found on this streaming platform? From how to build a brick wall to videos of cats dancing salsa, YouTube has it all. But there is a particularly sweet content on the streaming platform: the music videos. And the mobile app now makes viewing it easier.

A hidden panel to control playback

Controls Listen Youtube

The option does not appear at first glance since YoUtube maintains the usual playback interface: video at the top, description, comments and suggestions at the bottom, all with the screen vertically. Now: with the “Listening Controls”, recently integrated into the app, everything superfluous disappears to make room only for video and these controls.

The novelty is now available in the YouTube app for Android, but it only appears to those users who have a Premium account on the platform (It is part of the exclusive payment options, along with listening in the background and downloading the videos). Once the listening controls are deployed, the user can better manage what they see, especially music videos.

To activate the new playback panel, you must carry out the following process:

  • Play any video in the normal way.
  • Press on the three menu points with the mobile vertically (upper right corner of the screen).
  • Select “Listening Controls.”
  • The panel will be displayed to make only the window of the playing video and its controls visible.
  • Vertically, these controls are at the bottom of the screen; horizontally they pass to the right area, smaller.
Controls Listen Youtube

As we said in the previous paragraphs, listening controls are only available to YouTube Premium users, at least for now. It remains to be seen whether Google will extend the feature to all users or keep it exclusively for those who pay for the advanced service.

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