YouTube has news with 4K resolution, and you will not like them at all

From time to time, news appears that is not positive for users, especially for those who want to enjoy services for free. Well, one of these has been known and it has to do with YouTube. The fact is that something for which nothing had to be paid could be close to being paid for. Google, owner of YouTube, seems to be working on transferring one of the free options that exist on the platform to the Premium version, which is the one that offers everything that can be enjoyed in the streaming video service we are talking about. That is to say, one more push for some to take the leap and pay the corresponding monthly fee which, at the moment, amounts to 11.90 euros. What could stop being free on YouTube Well, according to the data that has been known from Reddit, the company would be thinking (and possibly already testing in some region with limited users) to pass the content in 4K quality to exclusive for those who have an account of payment. Therefore, in the case of not having one, the most you could enjoy is Full HD instead of the 2160p with which a large number of content creators currently record. Bad news, no doubt. This may not seem like a big deal, especially when you think about phones or tablets, but things change when it comes to TVs. These, currently, usually offer a 4K quality screen. Therefore, if you want to watch a video on the Smart TV that you have in the living room, the only viable option is for the device itself to do the scaling automatically… But, the truth is that this is not the same in terms of precision. what is achieved It is important to mention that, for the moment, the company has not issued any statement in this regard. But if the information is correct and the image that we have left has been taken from inside the YouTube application, things look bad to enjoy 4K content on YouTube for free. More wood for the Premium option What we say would be one more step in offering exclusive options in YouTube payment accounts. This is obviously logical, but resolution shouldn’t be something where it’s constrained as creators who offer the highest quality will see the impact you have reduced for this reason. The fact is that, if everything ends up being confirmed, YouTube Premium will add one more option to make it attractive, apart from being able to enjoy the news on the platform before or open playbacks in the background that allow you to take advantage of mobile devices much better (ideally this , for example, to listen to music with the tablet). >