YouTube has a new tool to convert videos into shorts

YouTube wants creators to continue betting on short-form videos. And for this, it is launching a new tool to make it easier for you to create a Short from a video.

A tool that will allow you to choose any of your videos to create a Short in a few steps and publish it from the YouTube app.

How to create a Short from a YouTube video

YouTube wants creators to remember short-form videos when creating content to post on the platform. And so they don’t have to spend extra time creating the Shorts, it now allows them to recycle the content they have on their channel.

The idea is that they can select a segment of any video of their own to create a Short. A dynamic that they will be able to carry out from the same YouTube application. They just have to choose a segment of about 60 seconds of the video for the tool to edit it and turn it into a Short.

Another option is to choose a fragment of less than 60 seconds and then record the rest of the content with the Shorts’ camera. Or they can use content they already have in the gallery. It could be a way to promote some new content that is about to be published on the channel or to clarify a point made in a previous video, viralize a video that was popular in the past, among other options.

So this new proposal from YouTube allows creators to create a Short from an already published video, combine it with new content or use it as a new tool to promote videos that have been important on the channel.

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As the YouTube team mentioned, this new dynamic is already being implemented in both the iOS and Android app.