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YouTube for iOS gets a great advantage over the Android version

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Google is not exactly a very jealous company with its applications, since it offers them for different operating systems and, in addition, includes new options in some that are not Android. And this is exactly what is going to happen with the YouTube application for the iOS operating system from what has been known.

The available data indicates that, for some time, the Mountain View company has been working to bring the picture-to-picture function, which among other things makes multitasking much better on terminals because it makes it possible to watch a video on the platform without having to occupy the entire screen. The point is that it has made it possible for this possibility to be deployed on iPhones with a solvent firm, leaving aside the test it was carrying out with some users of these terminals.

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Is this a big news?

The truth is that the function is not what attracts attention, since it has been present in Android for some time. But what is somewhat surprising is the way in which it will implement it, where those who have a device with iOS will be greatly benefited. The reason is that the data indicates that the implementation in the Apple operating system will occur for all users, while those who have an Android terminal have a limitation important: only those who have a Premium account can use it.

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Of course, it is essential to keep in mind that the image-to-image function is restricted to those who have an iPhone with version iOS 15 or superior. And, this is logical, since the version of the operating system we are talking about includes everything necessary for this multitasking option to work correctly (or at least that is what has been made clear in the tests that have been carried out).

Arrival of the YouTube update

Well, contrary to what usually happens with other applications, such as WhatsApp, Google plans to start rolling out the new feature imminently (a few days). First, it will be those who live in the US who will be able to use it, and later – at most in a couple of weeks – the rest of the regions in which YouTube is present will follow the same path. The truth is that it is excellent news and hopefully the same will happen with Android in terms of enjoying the image-in-image function.


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