YouTube for Android TV is updated with these new features to improve its functionality

YouTube for Android TV is updated with these new features to improve its functionality
youtube for android tv is updated with these new features

Google continues to improve its app ecosystem. And now it’s YouTube’s turn to AndroidTV, which has just received a series of most interesting improvements.

Definitely, YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch streaming content, and one of the most used apps on Android TV. And Google continues to work to improve the user experience.

To do this, they have just announced a series of improvements that includes greater facilities to change the account, access YouTube Kids, improvements in response times more surprises.

These are the six new features coming to YouTube for Android TV

The truth is that the Google app for televisions is not exactly the best. Hence, many users opt for an alternative client to watch YouTube on Android TV.

Although little by little Google has been adding improvements so that the YouTube app offers a more complete user experience. And if you have a television or player with Android TV, we have very interesting news for you.

As Google has indicated in its official blog, these are all the news coming to YouTube for Android TV.

For a start, now it will be much easier to change YouTube accounts from a TV or player with Android TV. An especially useful function if there are several of you who use the Smart TV in your home. This also includes the Youtube Kids app, perfect for the little ones in the house. For this, there will be a

Continuing with the new YouTube for Android TV, Google has announced that the recommended section now offers a smoother scroll to offer a better experience.

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And if you have a compatible TV, you will be able to use Google Assistant to subscribe you to a channel in which you are playing a video, In addition to adding Likes or Dislikes with simple voice commands.

Do you like Shorts? Well, now they will reach the search results so that you do not lack options on YouTube for Android. Finally, the Mountain View-based company has announced that you’ll be able to access Podcasts content using the left navigation menu within the YouTube on TV app.

Regarding the release date of this update, Google has not given more information about it, so we can assume that Over the next few weeks they will roll out this global update to the YouTube app for Android TV.