YouTube for Android now lets you listen to videos from the home screen: these are its three new features

More than three years ago the Autoplay arrived at the youtube home page for android. As soon as the application was opened, the videos in the feed began to play automatically silent, without the option to activate the sound and showing only the subtitles. Up to now.

Last summer we saw how Google was testing in a small group of users the possibility of listen to the videos, along with other news, from the YouTube home page for Android. Well, this feature is now available to everyone.

What’s new in playback on the home page

By default, autoplay on the home page had the same behavior as other feeds like ‘Subscriptions’ or search results. It automatically played the videos as we browsed the list, but silent and with subtitles, without giving us any option to change that. But now he has three novelties.

Now if we are in the tab Beginning and wait a few seconds for the first video in the list to start playing we will see in new options menu that will appear at the top right of the video. There we will see the new sound and subtitle options.

Youtube Autoplay

With this new menu we can finally turn on sound for videos in the Home feed. So we can listen to the videos without having to open them just as it has been possible to do for years from the YouTube video feed.

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addition to power turn off subtitles we can also control playback. The user can touch the playbar at the bottom to move the playhead to forward or backward in the video directly from the home page.

If we want the videos to play silently again, we will have to deactivate the sound and manually activate the subtitles to leave the behavior that the application had by default.

These three novelties for the moment have only been activated in the home tab, but if they are well received, we may also be able to activate the sound in the Subscriptions section.

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