YouTube for Android, 4K HDR available in Italy for all smartphones

Android-4K-HDR-available-in-Italy-for-all.jpg” alt=”YouTube for Android, 4K HDR available in Italy for all smartphones”>

The well-known YouTube video streaming service is introducing an interesting novelty. In fact, many people are starting to see the ability to select a higher resolution compared to the past.

In particular, according to what was reported by Wccftech and Engadget, now the official YouTube application for Android allows a large number of users to select the4K video resolution option. This does not seem to depend on the actual resolution of the screen of mobile devices, but it simply seems to be a novelty that can be selected by all, which is slowly arriving on the server side.

Users who have already received it say that just open a video uploaded at high resolution, press the three dots icon in the top right, select the “Quality” option and choose 2160p resolution (HDR seems to be available as well). In short, apparently the Mountain View company is allowing Android users to go higher in terms of video resolution.

We can already confirm that the novelty is also available in Italy, as several users have already received it. Either way, it looks like the feature rollout is still in progress, so you might not see the resolution involved on your device.

As for smartphones that are really able to take advantage of 4K, we remind you that among them there is Sony Xperia 1.

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