YouTube drops YouTube Rewind after record for most hated video


Loved by many and hated by millions … Youtube decided to end YouTube Rewind, annual compilation videos featuring the platform’s biggest stars. The reason? The disaster that was the 2018 edition, becoming the video with the most dislikes on the platform, and YouTube’s intentions to do something more interactive.

“Thanks to all the creators involved in Rewind”, wrote the account of Youtube Creators on Twitter. “We will be [emoji de ojos] to your Rewinds as we focus our energies on celebrating you and the trends that make YouTube [emoji de fuego] with a renewed and different kind of experience. Pay attention!”.

In a statement to Tubefilter, a spokesperson for Youtube He noted that the company will not completely abandon year-end compilations. The platform will continue to produce annual trend lists and introduce a new “global interactive experience” without specifying further details of the project.

YOUTUBE REWIND 2018 | Original video

YouTube Rewind 2018 It is the video with the most dislikes (19.56 million), beating the record for Justin Bieber’s song Baby. Things were no better for YouTube Rewind 2019 as it became the third most disliked non-music video in YouTube history (9.53 million). In case you’re wondering, there was no Rewind in 2020.

So things, Youtube has decided to end the project that was already in the doldrums some years ago. We will have to wait for the next announcements to know what the “interactive experience” is about. Meanwhile, time to say goodbye to the Rewind and leave that dislike to 2018 if you haven’t already.

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