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YouTube desktop allows regular users to download videos, but there’s a catch

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After justifying a change in its ad pattern, YouTube is now expanding the availability of the option to download videos on the desktop version. The novelty was noticed by several users in various parts of the world.

With the update, regular users can simply click download and choose a resolution to save the video: 480p, 720p and 1080p (only available in some markets).

The platform must start downloading the video and must save it in the “downloads” tab, that is, it will still not be possible to save the file in MP4 format in the computer’s memory.

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See an example below:


A curious detail is that the free download option is only available for some markets such as India, and in Europe everything indicates that this functionality should remain limited to Premium plan subscribers.

In other cases, YouTube may not allow you to download the video because the owner may restrict this functionality in the settings.

It is worth remembering that the download button has been available for some time, but the feature has always been something exclusive to Premium plan subscribers.

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