YouTube declares war on ad blockers, how?

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Google, the company that owns YouTube, is at war with content blockers on its video platform. After having tried completely blocking users with content blockers on YouTube, it is now carrying out a new experiment that is, to say the least, curious. The information comes from Reddit user Reddit_n_Me, who posted a screenshot of the new YouTube experiment. It should be noted that there has been no official confirmation from Google. However, it seems plausible that Google is trying different approaches and may use different amounts of allowed videos before blocking the user if they are avoiding seeing ads. This is YouTube’s new way of acting In the screenshot you can clearly see that it states that the “video player will crash after three videos”. Google explains that playback will stop unless the user allows ads on YouTube. As simple as that. The reason for doing this is because Google claims that ads help keep YouTube free, and that users who don’t like ads can sign up for YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Come on, nothing new. The truth is that this is a softer option than the one used before by Google on YouTube: the company prevented access to content immediately if its algorithm detected a content blocker. It seems that the Mountain View firm is experimenting with different approaches to find the most rewarding solution from a business perspective. Google and ads on YouTube The North American company announced earlier this month that it had plans to introduce non-skippable ads on YouTube TV. These ads play for 30 seconds before the content and will also play when users pause a video. And this is not all, since it must be remembered that, in 2022, Google carried out an experiment to show up to 10 ads that could not be skipped. The fact is that, from now on, Google offers YouTube users with content blockers two options: deactivate the ad blocker on the site or subscribe to YouTube Premium. Otherwise, the consequences may be that you stop being able to access their content and, therefore, that you are left without seeing what they offer on the channels that you like so much. Of course, all this will be valid until the content blockers manage to overcome the scripts against the blocking of ads on YouTube. Something that, without a doubt, will happen sooner or later. >

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