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Youtube attracts short video creators with monetization

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At the in-house event “Made on Youtube”, the video platform announced that Youtube shorts can be monetized – with ads.


Youtube’s monetization system is being expanded: in the future, Youtube Shorts and more creators will also be able to monetize their videos. You can confidently see this as an attack on Tiktok. There it is hardly possible to sell content equally. With the creators, the followers should also automatically switch platforms.

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Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki herself announced the innovations for the Youtube Partner Program (YPP) at the in-house event “Made on Youtube” in Los Angeles. So far it was not possible to participate in the program with so-called Youtube shorts. The short video format is more than similar to Tiktok. From the beginning of 2023, creators specializing in short videos can apply for the YPP. To do this, they must have more than 1000 subscribers and reach more than 10 million views within 90 days. If they are approved for the program, they can play ads in front of the videos or earn money from them. It is not yet clear whether the length of the video and the ad are related in any way.

More creators should be reached and tied to the portal by easing the hurdles to monetization. “To support creators who are just beginning their YouTube journey, YouTube will also introduce a new YPP tier with lower requirements, allowing easier access to fan-funding features such as Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers and Channel Membership offers,” the blog post reads.

The previous fund that is currently available for creators will be replaced by a revenue sharing model for YouTube shorts creators. The income from the ads placed between the short videos goes into a pot, which is then used to reward the creators. The costs for music licenses should also be settled with it.

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To build a bridge between the music industry and creators, Creator Music is launched. It’s a catalog that gives you easy access to music to use in your videos. Artists and rights holders should also get a new source of income for their music. In the US, this program is already in beta.

“YouTube’s first and industry-leading affiliate program has fundamentally changed how long-form video is used. Now we’re reshuffling the cards by opening the program to shorts creators and introducing revenue sharing accordingly,” said Neal Mohan, CPO of youtube. According to YouTube, shorts are currently viewed more than 30 billion times a day, and 1.5 billion logged-in users watch the videos a month. In the past three years, more than 50 billion US dollars are said to have been paid to creators, artists and media companies.

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