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YouTube adds three new features to its “Premieres”

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youtube has a feature called ‘Premieres’, in Spanish ‘Estrenos’, which is a way for content creators on the Google-owned streaming video platform to stream pre-recorded videos live. Thus, they can announce them in advance to their subscribers, and when the scheduled time for the “premiere” arrives they can use the chat and interact in real time with the attendees.

YouTube’s Premieres feature incorporates ‘trailers’, ‘Live Redirects’ and ‘Timer Themes’ to customize live video presentations

Well, YouTube has announced the launch of three new releases for Premieres, to help content creators promote their pre-recorded videos with greater force and enthusiasm. These are the three novelties:

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Trailers: This is a preview or synopsis of a video, which summarizes part of the complete content that will be displayed when it is released. These trailers can be programmed to last between 15 seconds and three minutes, and will be repeated over and over again (loop type) on the waiting page for the next premiere.

These video trailers can be used to announce the upcoming release to attract viewers or as a reminder notice of when the content will officially launch.

-Live Redirects– Works as a mechanism for content creators to present the live broadcast to be made. It is like a kind of “pre-show” or prelude before the official premiere of the content in which they can chat with the audience.

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Thus, they warm up their engines and, when the time of the broadcast approaches, the chat ends and a countdown begins. The audience is redirected to the premiere so that it will officially begin. It is nothing more than a function to give more encouragement, excitement and expectation to the followers so that they can get hooked on the production.

-Countdown Themes: YouTube’s Premiere feature has a timer to count down and show the audience how long until the official release of content. The new update includes the ability to customize this timer with content-related themes. For example, you can choose a different design according to the mood, with soft, fun, dramatic, sporty motifs … or even a design that emits vibrations on the mobile to give more excitement to the premiere.

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custom timers

As confirmed by YouTube, both the “Live Redirect” and “Trailers” functions have already been deployed, but at the moment, only a select group of creators can use them, waiting for them to be available to all. Regarding the customization of the timer by themes, the company has announced that it will be available in the coming months.

YouTube will continue to give creators the opportunity to make money from their premieres, a feature launched in 2018 that allows, for example, channel “superfans” to pay to have their chat comments featured.

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