“You’re so 1 dick”: #Pimmelgate investigations closed

youre so 1 dick pimmelgate investigations closed.jpg
youre so 1 dick pimmelgate investigations closed.jpg

Due to a lack of public interest, the investigation into a tweet criticizing Hamburg’s Senator for the Interior, Andy Grote, has been discontinued.

The investigation into the allegation of hate speech after the tweet “You are 1 Pimmel” addressed to Hamburg’s Interior Senator Andy Grote was discontinued months ago. This was first reported by the Hamburger Abendblatt. The harsh reaction to the tweet caused a stir last September when the alleged author’s house was searched at 6 a.m. There was massive criticism of Grote on the Internet, and within a few hours #Pimmelgate took first place in Twitter’s own Germany trends. Due to a lack of public interest in criminal prosecution, the investigations were stopped, writes the NDR.

The search and the investigations were preceded by a tweet from Grote, in which the SPD politician criticized those celebrating in Hamburg during the corona pandemic and wrote: “What a stupid action!”. A year earlier, the senator had celebrated in a pub in disregard of the corona rules and paid a fine of 1,000 euros for it. Under the tweet with the criticism of the Hamburg partying, a user then commented, “You’re so 1 dick”. Three months later, six officers stormed a private apartment in the St. Pauli district, as the person concerned tweeted. The device that was used to send the tweet was searched for.

The criticism was not only sparked by the supposedly disproportionate measure, with the frequent reference that much worse tweets – or unwanted images of the designated body part – remained without consequences. The person concerned had also received a summons from the police weeks before the search, which he said he had complied with. Grote still saw himself as right and defended the “autonomous decision” of the public prosecutor’s office. Of course there are more serious cases, but nobody should be offended online. However, the assessment has not prevailed, according to the NDR, the investigations were already stopped in March.