Your WhatsApp profile photos will be more private thanks to the new update

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WhatsApp blocking profile photos

In the digital age we live in, keeping our data safe is essential so that it is not exposed on the Internet and we get a good surprise. Currently, the method we most often use to communicate is instant messaging, and WhatsApp is a pioneer in being the most used platform worldwide to talk to family and friends. But it is also committed to our safety, and new update to protect profile photos This shows it.

The way we contact each other has changed radically and we now use messaging applications to talk much more quickly and comfortably with our loved ones. Sending a short message such as “I have arrived” or “I already have the tickets for the concert” are very useful resources to avoid calls if it is not very urgent. However, having access to any tool that involves exposing all of our data can put our security at risk.

WhatsApp will block profile photos

Over the years, WhatsApp has used various mechanics to provide a safe place to have our conversations, such as end-to-end encryption or blocking chats. Likewise, our photos that we share on our profiles can be another problem for many users, since anyone you can take over them by taking the screenshot.

In this way, the new WhatsApp function that has been launched for the Google Play Store beta program with the Android version will be available in the coming weeks for everyone, will completely block screenshots that are made from the mobile phone to any profile photo.

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In the future update we will see a notification that will prevent us from taking the capture once we are viewing the profile photo in full screen. Specifically, we will get the following notice: “You can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions”.

WhatsApp blocking profile photos

Objective: safeguard privacy

Until recently, profile photos could be saved in two ways. One of them was removed 5 years ago, where users were allowed download profile photos by simply pressing and holding on it or on an option that was indicated in the upper right part of the screen by pressing the three dots and choosing the save option. The other, which is still operational, is by taking the screenshot.

The new feature, which WhatsApp will soon roll out to everyone, adds an additional layer of privacy to prevent users from saving or sharing profile photos without the owner’s consent.

It is a great initiative by WhatsApp in order to go one step further and protect unauthorized access and sharing of profile photos. This novelty is also taken into account to prevent identity theft, harassment and other types of fraudulent situations whose main purpose is to deceive people and turn them into victims of scams.