Your rent, your job… You are going to sign your next contract through WhatsApp and you still didn’t know it

docusign whatsapp pcpal.png
docusign whatsapp pcpal.png


Can you imagine being able to sign your next work contract through WhatsApp? And that this contract had 100% legal validity? What if we told you to do the same with your rent or mortgage? Well, the time has come. WhatsApp has teamed up with DocuSign to accelerate the signing of any agreement, with a speed seven times faster than what we would experience through email. We tell you.

WhatsApp has partnered with DocuSign, a leading digital signature solution, to integrate into the messaging app and allow the signing of documents through it. Until now, it was common to receive documents via email and, subsequently, carry out the signature through them. However, according to DocuSign itself, this route required a waiting time that could be multiplied by up to 7 compared to WhatsApp.

Now, companies will be able to communicate with other companies or users after having reached an agreement and proceed, immediately afterwards, upon signing it. All this without having to leave WhatsApp. A process that can be useful both in work environments and in everyday life, such as signing a lease, for example. This new feature has been baptized as WhatsApp Delivery and is mainly focused on offering itself as a service focused on companies that already have DocuSign integrated into their daily operations and, now, want to use WhatsApp to speed up the signing of any document.

Faster signing of documents

One of the points that DocuSign has made After the signing of the agreement has been the speed with which all the options will now be carried out. The tests they have been carrying out show that transactions are carried out at a speed up to seven times faster compared to email, since the entire process is much more instantaneous.

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In addition, it is an alliance that is designed to reach all the countries in which WhatsApp operates. More than 2 billion users In more than 180 countries, the alliance will allow us to adapt to new contexts dominated by remote work, much more global and less dependent on geographical barriers. Without compromising the safety of the operation. And it is that DocuSign has stated that all information will be encrypted and will be unreachable by any person or company that is not linked to the operation in question.

Different industries

In addition to the assumptions that we have already mentioned, DocuSign also states that this new alliance will allow it to close operations in sectors such as banking, insurance, commerce or everything related to health care. Any area, therefore, in which the signing of a contract intervenes.

Currently, this new alliance will be restricted to a limited number of countries, in which it has not been stated that Spain is located, but it is expected that its deployment will increase as it is verified that the operation maintains the same user experience that DocuSign offers through other means such as email.