Your next Samsung OLED TV could have an LG panel


Samsung and LG have reached a new deal that could see your next Samsung OLED TV built with LG panels, reliable sources have told Reuters. Although Samsung Electronics has not publicly disclosed how these panels will be used, there is speculation that they will be used for new mid-range OLED TVs, which would likely sit somewhere between Samsung’s current Neo QLED range and its QD-OLED range. This agreement between the companies does not mean that Samsung Electronics will stop producing its own QD-OLED, nor will it prevent LG Electronics from continuing to produce its range of OLED televisions.

However, this collaboration could lead to a situation where there is not a huge difference between Samsung OLED TVs and LG TVs when both are LG OLED when both use LG Display panels. The partnership between LG Display and Samsung Electronics is mainly due to LG Display’s financial problems in the past two years. Seeking additional revenue, LG Display has found an opportunity to supply panels to Samsung Electronics, which needs more panels since its main panel supplier, Samsung Display, has switched to focusing exclusively on the production of QD-OLED panels, discontinuing the production of LCD panels.