Your mobile screen is a nest of bacteria. This is how I clean it without damaging it

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your mobile screen is a nest of bacteria this is.webp.webp.webp

For both work and pleasure, I spend the day touching cell phones and carry them everywhere with me. I like to carry them with a case, partly because I’m a bit clumsy, but also because the phones get less stained. However, I have a gift for staining everything, especially the screens of my smartphones.

And I’m not talking so much about the classic and inevitable fingerprints (that too), sometimes it’s just dirt, dusty corners and even some liquid that can get stuck if a drop is spilled and ends up drying. It seems silly, but with the dirty panel the phone looks older and more damaged and the experience is slightly tarnished. In this years I have been trying cleaning methods for the mobile screen and I’m left with one.

Materials and products that we usually use and that are not recommended

Of fabrics and papers. I tend to wear cotton clothes (especially t-shirts), so a quick, improvised, and moderately effective fix is ​​to use the inside corner of my t-shirt to lightly rub. Yes, it’s crappy and not the best, but at least it’s a moderately soft natural material. It is not the most effective, but it is more appropriate than using a handkerchief, kitchen paper or paper napkin, a Q-tip and, of course, any cloth… especially those that leave residue. In fact, be careful with those things, because although they seem soft, they are not so soft and if there are any particles, rubbing can cause some marks or scratches.

The same can be said for liquids.: be very careful with cleaning products in general, such as glass cleaner, detergents, solvents, polishes or acetone, since chemicals in general can be abrasive or end up deteriorating the protective treatments. Pharmacy alcohol is not a good idea either, although it is better than the previous ones.

The most suitable is isopropyl alcohol and my colleague from Xataka and screen specialist Juan Carlos López has an infallible recipe for cleaning panels composed of 80% distilled water, 20% isopropyl alcohol and a few drops of dehumidifier. But there is no need to get complicated: if you only want cleaning and not disinfection, you can use a few drops of water.

My screen cleaning kit is the simplest thing in the world (and it’s recycled)

Although the ideal is isopropyl alcohol or that cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, I have gone for the cheap: I have given it a second life to one of those cloths that come in the glasses case And if the panel has a dried stain or is very dirty, I spray a corner of the cloth with a few drops of solution and that’s it.

Two recommendations: It is always better to pour the liquid on the cloth and not on the screen and if what you are interested in is disinfecting, then using alcohol is essential, because with water and rubbing you will not achieve it.

From here, there is not much mystery: gently wipe the damp cloth over the screen, running across the entire surface loosely drawing circles. To tell the truth, I don’t have one glasses cloth, but two. So if I have to get one wet, I use the dry cloth to repeat the gently rubbing procedure afterwards to dry the panel completely.

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