Your iPhone hides an interactive weather map: so you can find it

Your iPhone hides an interactive weather map: so you can find it

The telephones iPhone from Apple do not stop giving surprises to the users who use them, and this is true no matter how long you have been using the terminal with the iOS operating system. An example of what we say is that many do not know that the terminal includes a interactive weather map which, for sure, will be quite helpful in many cases (such as, for example, when you go on vacation). We show you how to find it.

The inclusion of this addition will prevent many from installing an additional weather application, since with the one integrated into the iPhone itself they will have all they need to have reliable forecasts and, in addition, access to a very visual map that will allow you to know the temperature or the possibilities of precipitation in practically the entire world. A possibility that, the truth, always comes in handy so that you can make plans without fear of unpleasant surprises due to bad weather.

How to use the interactive weather map on iPhone

As we have indicated before, this option is within the weather application that is included by default in the iOS operating system. That is you don’t have to install anything and simply by using an integrated tool you will be able to enjoy a map that you will verify is the most illustrative (both in real time and in what has to do with forecasts). What you have to do is the following to use it:

  • Open the Weather application on your iPhone and use the map-shaped icon to access this section of the app.
  • Then, on the screen press the icon with several layers to change what you see on the map that is on the screen. You can choose between: precipitation; air quality; and temperatures. These are the possibilities offered by the Apple terminal.
  • Zoom in as usual to find the specific place you’re interested in (you can also scroll with your finger). You can also manage the forecast time with ranges of up to 12 hours.
  • There are a few options you should be aware of: you can long-press on a location on the screen to add that point to the Weather app’s list to specifically view its information. Also, if you use the icon with the shape of an arrow pointing up on the right, you will return to the location you are in… in case you do not want to waste time with gestures.
  • To return to the beginning of the app, you simply have to use the OK button.
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Interactive weather map on an iPhone

The information provided by the interactive weather map included in the iPhone is more than enough for most users, so there’s a good chance you know exactly how it works. Without a doubt, a good addition that is surprising that it is not taken advantage of by many, right?