Your favorite mobile browser is now on Windows


Android users are in luck: one of the most used browsers on mobile phones with this operating system, Samsung Internet, has just officially landed on Windows. You will no longer have an excuse not to have your favorite browser, now, on your computer.



Android offers us in its app store a large number of browsers for the consumer to choose from. Of all of them, it is Samsung’s own browser which brings together a greater number of users, thanks to the stability and speed it offers us. However, the fact that it does not have a desktop version can always be a small handicap when it comes to setting it as the default, since we would not be able to synchronize our data with our computer. A situation that caused the balance to always tip towards Google Chrome.

Now, Android users are in luck. The arrival of Samsung Internet to the United States has been made official. Windows computers. This new application is available from Microsoft’s own application store, for free, and offers compatibility with all PCs, regardless of the manufacturer. Making it even more versatile.

All your data synchronized



As we have previously mentioned, the main benefit that using Samsung Internet on our computer will provide us is the data synchronization with our mobile phone. From now on, if we use both browsers as default on both our computer and our mobile phone, We will be able to have our history, browsing data, open tabs and all types of data on both devices.

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However, we still cannot have passwords synchronized. So if we want to access our email account through the browser or a web page that requires identification, we will have no choice but to enter the password manually to gain access. This new functionality is expected to be implemented during the next versions, since it has not yet presented an update schedule, but it is unknown how long it will take to be able to enjoy this long-awaited, and necessary, update.

There is still a long way to go

As it could not be otherwise, the desktop version still has many details to polish in terms of stability and performance. Currently, the Android version, completely polished and prepared to ensure an optimal user experience, offers better performance than the desktop version. Something that is completely normal if we take into account that it is a version much more tested by its users and that it already has a long history behind it.

When we interact with desktop versionwe can notice a certain slowdown when interacting with it, in comparison with other browsers, and a too slow refresh rate. Although we currently have a 100% functional version, it is possible that the most demanding users may miss some features and functionalities. However, as new versions are released on the market, the stability and performance of the browser will increase until it is adequate and replicate the same user experience that we can find on our mobile device.