Your computer is full of junk programs and this is the cause

your computer is full of junk programs and this is.jpg
your computer is full of junk programs and this is.jpg


We install programs on the computer and fill it with things that we are not going to use again, but there are also many that come installed when you buy it and that are useless. Programs that you are not going to use and come pre-installed by the brand when you bought the PC. What do we do with it?

Why is there pre-installed software on our devices? It may be the brand’s own, as is the case with mobile phone manufacturers that include their own file manager, their own music app, their own gallery…

What is bloatware

Bloatware or “inflated software”, As we could translate the term, it is the set of programs and software preinstalled on a computer or device when we buy it. Although it will depend on the brand and the device itself, it is usually software that is already there when we buy that device and that is taking up space without us needing it at all or without us even knowing that it is there. and maybe You don’t want to have them and you want to have others. Not only does it depend on the brand of your computer or mobile phone, but your smartphone may also have certain apps depending on whether it is from a specific operator or another, taking up space before you start using it.

BloatwareIt is not dangerous or not necessarily. It may simply be a program that is of no use to you or that you don’t want to use for that purpose, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. They are programs that have the disadvantage of taking up space in your computer’s memory, but they do not pose any type of risk of malware or viruses. It is generally completely secure software, although some of these programs may cause security vulnerabilities when used for updates or downloading tools, for example. But it is something unlikely so you should not worry beyond the space they occupy.

How to identify it

Before eliminating this program we must know whether or not it is garbage or has some use because we will not want to delete something that is going to damage our computer. At first glance some allow us to guess what is happening.

The brands change the installed software that comes on the different computers and depending on one or the other we will find more. Toshiba is at the head of “junk” programs followed by Sony, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus or Acer. But generally we will find this type of software on all brands or all devices.

If we do not know what the website “Should I Remove It?” helps us thanks to complete and updated listings with the names of the different programs. We simply have to go to the top bar of the page and here you write the name of the program that you don’t know whether to delete. The page will tell you if it is bad or good or if you can delete it without consequences.

How can we delete it

There are several methods to delete it but the best thing is to identify these programs and eliminate them from the Windows configuration or settings. The steps are very simple and we simply have to go to the Control Panel to uninstall the software that bothers us and that has no purpose on our computer.

  • Opens Start in the computer
  • Go to the windows settings
  • Look for the section “Applications
  • In “Filter by…” choose “All the unitys
  • You will see all the installed applications
  • Look for the bloatware what do you want to delete
  • Tap on the application in question
  • Choose “Uninstall
  • Complete the process


You may not be able to do this with all the available applications and some cannot be removed but we can find the exact path of the program on the computer.

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