Your Amazfit watch is updated and these are the new functions it releases

your amazfit watch is updated and these are the new.jpg
your amazfit watch is updated and these are the new.jpg

Amazfit Balance

Amazfit smart watches are updated with a new version of the brand’s operating system: Zepp OS. It is not yet available for everyone, but some of the models that are already beginning to receive this new version of the software are the Amazfit Balance. It must be noted that this smartwatch is one of the last to be presented by the manufacturer, but it will not be the only one that receives Zepp OS 3.5.



The operating system of watches Amazfit is Zepp OS, a software with a simple interface that allows you to enjoy all kinds of functionalities. Although, from now on, with this new version of its operating system it will have new functions so that users can have an even more complete smartwatch than until now.

However, it is not available for everyone, it has landed first for users in Canada and the United States. But, as in previous updates, it will reach more users. Just like one of the first watches to receive this new version It is the Amazfit Balance, so it is expected that other smartwatches will also be updated to this new version.

What’s new in Zepp OS 3.5

Amazfit is already rolling out another update for its smart watches, the version, although in this case it is making its first debut for your smartwatch. This model was launched last September with different health and wellness tracking functions.



In any case, the previous software version took place in December, when the watch already received different tools. In any case, with the new update Zepp OS 3.5 is introduced to the watch. Therefore, this particular model becomes the first Amazfit watch to receive this system update. Although, as on other occasions, it is planned that other users with other smartwatches will receive this same Zepp OS version.

Amazfit GTR 4

With this new operating system update, Zepp Flow is added, that is, an Artificial Intelligence tool with which you can control the watch and ask questions about the time or how the training is going. This version even introduces compatibility with offline maps, which can be downloaded directly through the Zepp mobile app.

Among other new features, it should also be noted that this version is accompanied by a new feature for maps. In this case, it is about giving users the opportunity to access professional ski maps in which they are automatically displayed when you are in ski mode and near a station.

In addition to this, the option to synchronize messages with third-party applications is offered, just as there are other changes to graphics and the results of each training. And, on the other hand, users with a Balance watch will have to wait in Spain, since it has debuted first in the United States and Canada. But, it will be progressively launched to other areas. Therefore, all we have to do is wait for it to be available for download through the Zepp smartphone application.



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