You use it daily and it is causing your WiFi signal to break down

you use it daily and it is causing your wifi.jpg
you use it daily and it is causing your wifi.jpg

WiFi connection

The WiFi connection has become very important in our daily lives, both for work, entertainment or communication. However, sometimes we may experience signal problems that cause our devices to not work as they should or not browse at the speed at which they usually do.

There may be many devices or aspects that you do not take into account and that we use daily and make the WiFi signal worse. We look at where to place the router, how to configure it, add amplifiers… But there are gadgets or devices that we have at home and that are worsening the WiFi signal that reaches your cell phone or computer. For example, the USB 3.0 that you use daily and that offers us so many advantages.

Why does the signal get worse?

USB 3.0 devices, which we use on many occasions, such as hard drives, for example, can cause interference that worsens the WiFi signal of our router. These interferences can cause a weaker signal, poorer connection quality, or even frequent disconnections.

The reason this interference exists is because the USB 3.0 devices They work at a frequency very close to the 2.4 GHz WiFi band, which generates conflicts between both electromagnetic bands. Keep in mind that most of these devices do not have a protective layer that prevents this type of interference, so if you use equipment with USB 3.0 technology, you should take this into account so that your WiFi signal is not affected. or, at least, not so much.

USB 3.0 cable

How to use them without them being a problem

Just because they worsen the signal does not mean that you have to stop using them since they offer us many advantages and have pros and cons, like almost all the devices we have at home. Then what do we do? There are several options that you can take into account if you want to continue using USB 3.0 on your computer… For example, one recommendation is that use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, whenever possible and that we have a switch to connect to. If you don’t have it, we can also make use of a PLC that allows us the option of connecting by cable from any room where the computer is even if we are far from the router. This will improve the internet connection and we will not have interference problems. This way you won’t have to do without USB.

In the event that you have no choice but to continue using these USB 3.0 that cause interference problems, we can make a series of changes. For example, we can go to the router configuration to connect to the 5 GHz band instead of the 2.4 GHz band thanks to the fact that we will have fewer problems with interference.

WiFi interference

And, of course, we can limit its use to when it is essential. If you have to connect to external storage, for example, connect it only when necessary and don’t keep it plugged in the rest of the time.

In addition, we can make changes to our network to continue using them and ensure that the quality is good despite interference. We can place the router in the best place in the house so that the signal reaches us well, we can use signal amplifiers such as repeaters or PLC or a WiFi Mesh mesh network, etc.