You may not have noticed, but something has changed in Netflix movies

You may not have noticed, but something has changed in Netflix movies
you may not have noticed, but something has changed in

It’s not going through its best moment Netflix, who are thinking of making different changes to their offer, such as including ads in a cheaper subscription. The fact is that in the latest known data the service has shown a setback that its rivals are taking advantage of, and some ways of proceeding can explain this. An example of what we say is the way you currently work with films.

For some time now, there has been a very significant change in the most used streaming video platform worldwide for this type of content, one that many have not been aware of. This has to do with a significant number reduction of movies that users can enjoy if they are lovers of this type of content (which, by the way, are not few despite the fact that there are more and more followers of the series).

Less quantity means less to choose from

According to a report that has surfaced, there is currently nothing more and nothing less than 40% less of movies on the platform than those that existed in 2015, where you could find a whopping 4,751 titles available in the US. The truth is that this is very surprising because it reduces possibilities compared to the competition that is increasingly important in its market segment (where services such as Prime Video or HBO have achieved the opposite: improve the number of options that have their subscribers).


The consequence of all this is that those who have a Netflix account have fewer chances at the time of choosing a movie to watch, and this inevitably reduces satisfaction when it comes to enjoying the VOD service. Certainly, there is still a good amount in the catalog, more or less 3,000, but it is true that you have surely noticed that when looking for new movies to watch on many occasions you do not find much… And this is a problem.

How has Netflix come to this?

Well, they are a sum of reasons, some by their own decision and others due to the competition in the market. In the first case it is for a firm commitment to own content that have even brought the platform very close to winning an Oscar… which are big words. Some titles are quite questionable in quality, that is true, but there is no shortage of creations that are quite convincing and entertaining, such as The Adam Project; Don’t look up; or Red Notice.

Be that as it may, the cadence of releases is not high enough to make up for losses. But, this, surely Netflix already had it quite clear (and, in addition, its commitment is especially for the series, but this is another topic…).

Additionally, there is everything that has to do with the competition. That has been undermining the Netflix catalog because it has made continuous loss of licenses. A clear example of what we are saying are Warner titles (now in the hands of HBO Max) or Disney titles that, logically, are on their own platform. And these blows do not seem to stop, especially now that Netflix is ​​rethinking its way of working due to the latest -negative- data that has been known.

The fact is that the quantity, and often the quality, of the movies on Netflix not what is expected on a reference platform… And this, even in the short term, can cause the loss of subscribers to increase. Will there be a reaction?

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