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You like the sea? Garmin has launched the smartwatch you were waiting for

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The company Garmin It is the one that produces products that are specially designed for those with particular tastes. An example is that they have smart watches that help those who love to fly, and now they have announced a new one that is perfect for those who love the sea. We tell you what this wearable offers.

The smartwatch we are talking about is the Garmin quatix 7, a model that has a striking design that does not lack a circular screen of 1.3 inch AMOLED It has a sapphire layer that allows it to offer great resistance. Since we are talking about resistance, it should be noted that this device does not have any problem with water, as it could not be otherwise, because it is capable of withstanding what you need as long as you do not exceed 10 atmospheres. Come on, no problem.

What makes this Garmin ideal for the sea

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Well, inside the Sapphire model are included the Bluechart G3 navigation charts (To which is added the availability of topographic maps and those of the sky or Skiview). All this allows it to be a perfect companion when you go out sailing, since, among other things, it allows you to establish points of the routes to be carried out -it is even possible to place these waypoints on the plotter from anywhere on the boat-: ideal for not having to constantly go to the helm.


Other options that make this Garmin quatix 7 ideal for lovers of the sea is that, without going any further, it is capable of working with an excellent data flow to have everything under control. Thus, for example, it is capable of working both with the speed of the wind; going through the depth of the water; and even with the revolutions of the engine so that you have a device on your wrist that helps you have everything under control.

Nothing is missing from this smartwatch

Apart from the above, it should be noted that this device is capable of keeping a precise control of the physical activity that is done, since for this it includes different sensors inside. With an autonomy that reaches 16 days in clock mode or at 32 hours if it connects to the satellite systems to which it has access, the truth is that completely. Besides, it is possible to use it to make mobile payments and it has compatible applications such as Spotify.

The Garmin quatix 7 we are talking about is finished in titanium, which allows it to be quite light (it only weighs 70 grams). Without connectivity problems and being compatible with both iOS and Android, the price of this device varies depending on the chosen model, but it can be achieved from 599 euros. An option that fits like a glove for those who like to spend a lot of time at sea.

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