You go on holiday? With these seven applications you can remotely access your PC

With These Seven Applications You Can Remotely Access Your Pc
With These Seven Applications You Can Remotely Access Your Pc

Controlling our PC remotely can be very useful now that there are many who go on vacation and temporarily park their work computer. This does not mean that they have to lose control of what happens on their PC, especially if they have another computer or a mobile or tablet nearby, either for leisure or for work.

But even in those, it is possible to use another machine to control what happens on our PC, if we have left it on, of course. That is why we are going to review seven programs with which to access our computer remotely, from another PC, even if we are far from home.

Windows remote desktop

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It is the simplest and most practical method, since it comes by default with Windows 10 . The Microsoft operating system has a function of remote access to another PC, offering a drawback: it is only available in Windows 10 Pro and those who use Windows 10 Home do not have access to this function.

If you use Windows Pro in your case, you will be able to access the remote desktop function and you will only need to download to the computer or computer from which you want to access the client application. This cross-platform app is available for Windows, but also for macOS, Android and iOS and is free.

Download | Windows remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop


We continue with Chrome, one of the most interesting alternatives because it is also free. Google’s browser has a remote desktop tool that allows us to access any computer that has Chrome installed just by installing an extension.

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With Chrome Remote Desktop, what the system does is facilitate the remote connection using Chrome as a key and thus access all the content and applications that we have on the computer. The extension that you must download is available at this link

Download | Chrome Remote Desktop



One of the classic applications to facilitate remote access is TeamViewer. It is a free application for personal use, which also has a paid version, more powerful, focused especially on professionals and business use.

It is a multiplatform application, with options to use in different operating systems. It allows the control of several computers at the same time, the recording of sessions, the possibility of exchanging files between the teams or even a chat to communicate.

Download | Teamviewer



AnyDesk is one of the most affordable options since it offers a learning curve suitable for almost all users . You can use both devices based on iOS or Android to install the client with which you can remotely access our PC.

A tool that is completely free that has versions adapted to mobile interfaces. With it we can send files remotely and even control the mobile from the computer.

Download | AnyDesk

VNC Connect

It is next on the list, a tool that offers a shortened version, called Home, which does not require checking out, along with free tests for all its modalities. Compatible with desktops and laptops, but also with mobile phones equipped with iOS and Android , VNC Connect offers remote connection to your computer.

It also allows blocking access to remote clients , making backup copies or sending invitations so that other people can access your team.

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Download | VNC Connect

Ammyy Admin


Another alternative is Ammy Admin, an ideal tool for teams with tight features. It has a weight of almost 1 MB in any of its versions. paid or free. The latter has a usage limit of 15 hours per month with a single session.

Very simple in terms of learning, the options they offer are less than in other alternatives but, yes, it can serve to get out of the way in those cases that do not require intensive use.

Download | Ammyy Admin


Supreme Remote Mobile 1

And we end with Supremo, a free application that also has paid versions with more options geared towards the business market. Perhaps the simplest of all when it comes to installing, it offers secure connections, since they use encryption with the AES-256 algorithm.

With a client available for Windows, GNU / Linux, macOS, Android or iOS, it allows remote connection to the desktop, works with multiple screens and simultaneous connections, or transfer files and folders between connected computers.

Download | Supreme