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You don’t always have to buy a WiFi repeater to improve the connection: watch this

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WiFi repeater alternatives better connection

To surf the internet, work from home, or play games with friends, most people use a WiFi connection. However, this technology has a large number of natural enemies: from walls and ceilings, some electronic devices, as well as mirrors and metal surfaces. In many cases we can use the WiFi repeater, but there are also other alternatives (and better).

The WiFi repeater is not everything

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In most cases, performance degradation occurs because the router reaches its limits. In other words, the connection comes from a point that is often far from the areas where it is needed.

However, the first step is to perform two speed tests on your WiFi: first using a wireless connection and then connecting your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable. In this way you can control what WiFi signal you have at all times and if you really need to use something more than a WIFI repeater.

Because, as such, this repeater is a very simple and straightforward device, but it is also worth mentioning a reality that is even more accessible, and for which it is also worth enjoying other gadgets that will do for extend our wireless connection at home.

Other alternatives you should use

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For those who have a biggest house and want a more comfortable and easy-to-use system, the best solution is a mesh system made up of several nodes that communicate with each other. In this way you will always be connected to the point with the strongest signal, which is that we can have a better opportunity beyond the WiFi repeater.

The reason for this is the speed of connection offered by your routersince it is shared by all the devices that are connected to the device in the same space or address.

mesh Wi-Fi

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A more complete system than the WiFi repeater is a mesh pack that comes with three connection points, with which you can connect an area of ​​460 square meters. If your house is much smaller, a single point will be enough to strengthen the signal and reach up to 140 meters.

It also unifies the bands of 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz in a single signal, so you don’t have to go around connecting each device to a different one. It has True Mesh technology that ‘balances’ the flow of the signal towards one point or another to detect where more bandwidth is needed and thus avoid ‘buffering’ and other inconveniences.

WiFi mesh repeater

Powerline PLC Adapters

The WiFi repeater is limited and is no longer suitable when the distance is very far. However, there is also a more expensive but simpler and more effective technical solution. It’s about the powerline adapters.

These devices take advantage of the electrical circuit of the house like a long data cable. The advantage is that reinforced concrete walls, ceilings and even underfloor heating systems are no longer an obstacle. these adapters create a hotspot in any outlet. Installation is extremely easy. Just plug one near the modem, another in the place where you want to take the signal and synchronize them using a button.

Mesh systems

To solve these problems, it is best to opt for WiFi Mesh systems with which you can greatly improve connectivity and you will avoid any problem and mishap.

Unlike repeaters, this is made up of several devices or satellites that connect to each other. Instead of each one connecting to the router, in this case they will connect to each other, which will do to connect to the satellites depending on which one is better at each moment.

WiFi Repeater Mesh Systems

Ethernet cable

With the arrival of fiber optic connections and the high speeds they offer us, the best thing we can do to take full advantage of them is to connect our devices directly via network cable to the router.

Thanks to this cable, you can take full advantage of the bandwidth Internet that has contracted. This network cable can be connected directly to compatible equipment, but also to a second router or access point that will distribute the signal wirelessly. Currently, the most advanced types of Ethernet cable are very cheap and the result is very worthwhile. Although it is possible, it is best to opt for cat 5e ethernet cables or higher.

  • Cat 5 Ethernet: Speed ​​100 Mbps / Frequency 100 MHz / Download speed 15.5 MB/s
  • Ethernet Cat 5e: Speed ​​1,000 Mbps / Frequency 100 MHz / Download speed 150.5 MB/s
  • Cat 6 Ethernet: Speed ​​1,000 Mbps / Frequency 250 MHz / Download speed 150.5 MB/s
  • Cat 6A Ethernet: Speed ​​10,000 Mbps / Frequency 500 MHz / Download speed 1.25 GB/s
  • Cat 7 Ethernet: Speed ​​10,000 Mbps / Frequency 600 MHz / Download speed 1.25 GB/s
  • Cat 7A Ethernet: Speed ​​10,000 Mbps / Frequency 1,000 MHz / Download speed 1.25 GB/s
  • Cat 8 Ethernet: Speed ​​40,000 Mbps / Frequency 2,000 MHz / Download speed 5 GB/s

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