You do not have to contract the best Internet rate: this is the speed you need

minimum speed fiber

When we go to contract another Internet for home, we often become obsessed with having the highest possible fiber speed. Although, we have to pay more than necessary to get more Mbps. However, it is more proven that we do not need high speeds for the Internet connection in our homes. At least, in most cases as we will see.

For this reason, we are going to analyze what is the best speed that you should have for fiber optics. And, in this way, you can save a significant sum on the Internet rate of your home. Although, we will also see when it will be necessary to contract more fiber Mbps.

The fiber speed you really need

You don’t have to pay a lot for fiber optics to have more speed. So forget about contracting a rate with 500 Mbps, 600 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or up to 10 Gbps. These speeds are necessary in certain houses, but for our homes, we will not need to have these connection speeds.

In fact, as a general rule, the fiber optic connection we need is 100 Mbps. Although not all operators offer this option anymore, the truth is that it is the cheapest rate we can find to contract fiber at home.


And as much as you think that these Mbps are going to fall short, the truth is that it is more than enough for an average home in Spain. More than anything, because it will allow us to surf the net without problems, have several devices connected or even watch 4K content from multiple devices without suffering the connection.

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Although, the real problem is that there are more and more operators that have stopped offering this very cheap option that we found before in the operators’ catalogue. However, some companies continue to maintain this fiber speed. But, if you want to know when it is necessary to have more Mbps for fiber, keep reading.

When is it necessary to hire more speed?

Everything will depend on each situation, that is, on the family or on whether the fiber that we are going to hire has a particular purpose. For example, if we are going to be several people at home and the connection is going to be used, for example, to carry out many downloads at the same time, while viewing high-resolution content. So, there it would be necessary upload to 300 Mbps. But little more.

if we go up to 500Mbps or 600Mbps, we will not notice any type of change. Only that we will be paying more than necessary, when we really do not need that much fiber optic speed, and more if we are going to contract a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. And it is that, even this last fiber, for the moment is unnecessary, since not even everyone has the necessary resources to take advantage of it. As is the case of having a 10G network card or a Thunderbolt 3 adapter with a 10 Gbps Ethernet port, as well as having the necessary Ethernet cable.


More than anything, because, for the daily domestic use that we have in Spanish homes, 100 Mbps is enoughand in other cases, we may need 300 Mbps. Although, as we said, everything will depend on the number of people who live in the house, on the use we are going to make of the connection.

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A family of 4 people, in which only one of them is going to make intensive use of fiber, is not the same as a household of 5 people in which everyone is going to use computers to download, play video games, watch videos in streaming… In this last example, it will be necessary to opt for contract an Internet rate with more Mbps.