You can’t imagine where ChatGPT will be used from now on

you cant imagine where chatgpt will be used from now.jpg
you cant imagine where chatgpt will be used from now.jpg

A robot with artificial intelligence carries out its tasks

Than the scope of ChatGPT it does not have limits It is something that we have already verified in recent months. The AI ​​assistant, however, has just shown that there was still ground he had not explored. And you will be surprised to discover what it is, because it will impact millions of people.

Yeah flirting on Tinder It seemed too automatic and uninteresting to you, get ready, because the evolution of the application could be related to ChatGPT. As revealed, the company that owns the app has announced that it has signed an agreement with OpenAI to be able to use its famous chatbot.

Tinder catches up

It is not the first time that artificial intelligence and love share news. We recently published that curious news about how a boy had programmed ChatGPT to talk to random girls on Tinder and, in the end, managed to find a wife.

Quote from a couple who met on Tinder

Now it is Match Group, the company that owns Tinder, as well as other services to search for love, such as OkCupit or Hinge, which is linking the possibility of using the chatbot. And taking into account that They must have invested a good budget To achieve this, the only thing we can imagine is that they have a high-level plan to take advantage of it.

But how will it be used?

This is, for now, the great mystery. For now Match Group has not mentioned what are your full intentions with the acquisition of the 1,000 ChatGPT licenses they have purchased. We do know that the initial use they are giving it is at the corporate level. In this sense, they have said that they want us to understand that the chatbot has been introduced into their office to provide support, as if it were the coffee machine.

However, it seems that it is going to be more than just a coffee machine, given that the press release they have published about it has already been written by the AI. Members of the entity’s marketing team have reviewed, completed and improved it, but the basic work has been carried out by the chatbot (as you can see in the screenshot we have taken). Even in the press release itself, there is a quote from ChatGPT that, in any case, is a bit strange. So the AI ​​says “I’m excited that Match Group matched me.”

Match Group message confirming that they have used AI

The AI ​​also says that it hopes that, with its participation, they can redesign the way the work is carried out. So it certainly feels like, for now, its use will apply to the technical side, internal development, and tasks that users may not even notice. But it’s not going to be the end, far from it.

Match Group’s intention would be to take the use of ChatGPT much further and take advantage of it in a more practical context, so that, sooner or later, it will be introduced into the user experience. The company says that they have just started on their journey with AI, and there are statements from weeks ago in which, from Match Group, they talked about the way in which artificial intelligence would change its applications. From what they mentioned at that time, they plan for the user experience to change completely. One of the ways this will likely happen is with the way users will be supported as they go through key moments of using Tinder, such as creating their profile. But they also said that AI will be involved in the process of connecting with potential daters.

Girl has a symbolic date with an AI

If you have used Tinder on some occasion or even if you use it currently, keep in mind that Match Group says that the use of AI will change everything. It won’t be in a day or two, but it does seem that ChatGPT is going to be crucial to improving the use of the app. Who knows, maybe we can even have practice conversations with the chatbot to improve how we initiate chats with other people. A little help wouldn’t hurt!

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