You can watch the entire first season of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ for free on YouTube

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Streaming services often upload a pilot on YouTube to lure in new subscribers, but never an entire season. Paramount+ did just that, however, throwing up the entire first season of the critically-acclaimed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on YouTube for all to see. That’s ten hours of free Star Trek goodness, for those keeping score.

It’s no coincidence that this move comes hot on the heels of season two of the sci-fi property, which premieres June 15th and promises more space-based tomfoolery and an anticipated crossover event with sibling show Star Trek: Lower Decks. The upcoming season also promises more Kirk and more Klingons, if classic franchise iconography is your bag.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a prequel to the original series that follows the adventures of Enterprise captain Christopher Pike, his science officer Spock, a fresh-faced comms officer named Nyota Uhura and the rest of the crew. The show’s been praised for its “back to basics” formula, eschewing extensive serialization in favor of standalone episodes.

This promotion isn’t just for Trek fans, as Paramount+ also dropped full seasons of iCarly, Joe Pickett and Queen of the Universe. It goes without saying that this is a limited time promo offer, so open up those YouTube links and get binging.

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