You can watch one of the best films of the year on Netflix next week

Spider-Man is one of the most famous superheroes of all time. After No Way Home, another film by the crawler was released this year. This time the sequel to the animated film. The film was a huge financial success and was also popular with critics. You can watch the film on Netflix next week.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was a real hit this year. It was not only a financial success, but also with critics. On the Rotten Tomatoes platform, the film has an average rating of 96% among critics and 94% among users.

The film is the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe and continues the story of Miles Morales, who is the Spider-Man in his universe. He faces a new enemy that poses a threat to the entire multiverse. In the film, Miles meets many other Spider-Man variants.

The film even dethroned the well-known Bat-Man this year:

An animation masterpiece

What makes the film so good? When it comes to animated films, we are in a pretty generic state of what such films look like. Disney, Pixar, Illumination and Co. have their own peculiarities in the design of the characters and how people look there, but the animation style and animation technique are very similar.

Everything is always very clear, with clear movements and a smooth manner. Spider-Man: A New Universe did things completely differently in 2018 and mixed classic 3D animation with 2D elements from cartoons and anime. This makes the film look like something out of a comic and has its own style.

The rough edges also define the character of the film and also fit perfectly with the multiverse theme in this year’s sequel. The many other Spider-Man are perfectly staged and all have a character that is established in their own animations and drawing styles and communicates clearly with the viewer.

Miles Morales is also a good change from the Peter Parker stories of the other films. The way he deals with his parents and presents his origins in the latest film is simply heartwarming and believable. The film is less for children and more for teenagers and adults. It also offers older Spider-Man fans many hints about the hero’s history that many young fans don’t know.

This action doesn’t need to hide

One of the most important points of the film is the action. Thanks to the many colors and wild animations, every action sequence is a real feast for the eyes. Swinging through the city is dynamic and captivating at the same time.

If you look at the new Turtles movie and Puss in Boots movie, you can see what influence the new Spider-Man series can have on animated films, and one can only hope that more animated films finally become more experimental.

This animated series is a trilogy, and the conclusion of the series will come in the next few years. From November 1st you can watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix. If you don’t know the series at all, you can watch the first part on Netflix beforehand.

Fans want a very special actor for the third part of the animated saga: