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You can now share songs with all your friends through Alexa, how?

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Personal assistants are one of the great achievements of recent years that, although they still have a lot of work to do to convince us that they are respectful of our privacy, they have shown enormous efficiency when it comes to serving as a source of information for those situations in which we are doing other things and we do not want to interrupt them by picking up the smartphone. And Alexa was, from the beginning, one of the most obvious alternatives, thanks to a pioneering range of smart speakers such as the Echo. And it will be thanks to them, precisely, that from now on we will be able to use the entire platform as a starting point to recommend musical themes to our friends practically instantaneously. Just saying “Alexa, share this song with [el amigo que sea]”. songs, albums, artists … whatever This new function will allow us to quickly share any musical taste that we want to make known. From a single song, to an entire album or an artist or group that has us motivated in these days. You just have to ask the assistant so that our contact receives a notice on his Echo speaker and decides whether to trust our recommendation or not to start listening to it. Of course, to know if a friend has an Amazon Echo compatible with this function , it will be necessary to give the assistant permissions to dive through our contact list, and vice versa, our colleague will have to do the same and have us within the contacts with whom he can maintain communication through the North American assistant. Although we send one Listen request for a song, Alexa must translate that to a platform that is compatible for playback. Hence, the wizard will only release that song through the service with figured as default in our friend’s account and, if it does not appear in the catalog of all the available ones, it will look for the most similar version based on the title and the name of the artist. As we mentioned before, for this new Alexa function to work without problems, we must give it a free hand to know our entire contact list and, with the times that run where we all seek to stop sharing a lot of personal data, the same is to go several steps beyond what we would like. Especially when we have the option to share this same information through a WhatsApp message, Telegram, etc. No?

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